7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Cold-Free

Cold is not as big as other diseases, but keeping kids cold free is also not easy either. Although the market has lots of medicines available to curing cold. But the precautions taken at home before the child catches cold are always much better than other solutions!

Here are few solutions which will help kids to stay away from cold –

Washing their hands:

Viruses can lose one of their best ways to travel inside the body if the hands are washed. An estimated 80 percent of all colds and flu are contracted via our fingers. So the best and the simplest way to avoid cold would be washing your child’s hands frequently.

Bundle them up!:

Researchers wanted to prove the notion that being cold contributes to getting a cold. Instead, they found that kids with their feet cold all the time are thrice as likely to develop a cold in a short time. Staying warm with the help of clothes made by cotton, wool, or fleecy fibers can prove to best in times of cold.

Everywhere except face:

Children have the harmful habit of pawing at their faces or poking, picking, scratching and rubbing their nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. This habit unwittingly does the germs a tremendous favor by delivering them straight into the easily-infected orifices. To avoid drifting germs, try teaching your kid to minimize eye-rubbing and to shut their eyes tight or walk away whenever someone sneezes or coughs near them.

Eat Healthy:

The food is the vital source of energy, which helps to keep the little bodies warm and boosting immunity. There are a few key meals and drinks, which if consumed, would help to keep the colds at bay. Give your child a healthy, balance diet, complete with vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products, and he is good to go!

Keep them moving:

It may sound tempting to stay all cozy and warm during winter, but it would do more good to the kids if they do regular exercise, which will help them to stay warm and boost their immunity. You can create a fun activity where all the family can get around with the exercises, so that the kid will enjoy it more!

Salt – the cure of the cold:

Salt is actually a germ killing, infection-busting cleaner. It should be noted that these salt based solutions aren’t likely to be that popular with the kids. One of the best ways to use salt is adding it to the water and giving this salt water solution to the kid and ask him or her to gargle it.  It is the best way to reduce the cold.

Problem with coughs and sneezes:

Ideally, teach your kids to use a tissue, but in case of its availability, an arm or elbow would be the next best thing! To avoid spreading germs, you can teach your children to sneeze or cough into the crook of his arm. Sneezing on the hands should be avoided as these same hands later touch toys, cups and other things and the germs on it might get the whole family infected.


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