Top 7 Ideas for an Unforgettable Kids’ Birthday Party

When we were kids, a birthday party usually involved going to a friend’s house, playing games like pass the parcel or musical chairs, eating jelly, with maybe something like a bouncy castle at the most extravagant birthdays.

It wasn’t that our parents weren’t generous, but the times have changed. These days, kids – and their classmates – expect a lot more from birthday parties. Perhaps they’re right.

There’s no other time of life like childhood, when every birthday means playing with loads of classmates, being surrounded by fun and laughter, and presents are a truly exciting, world-shaking experience.

Some of the most treasured memories you can make with your kids involve celebrating special occasions with them, like their birthday and Christmas. Fill your child’s birthday with joy and wonder by planning an extra special birthday, or getting a Singapore kids party planner to help you.

Here are our top 7 ideas for an unforgettable kids’ birthday party.

  1. Arts and Crafts

Does your kid love getting crafty? Most children are naturally creative and imaginative, so an arts and craft party is a great way to go to provide a special experience for your child and their friends.

Think about getting kids to do something really unusual that they don’t normally get to do, like making a big canvas with hand and foot prints. This will be messy but it will also be really fun!

Another good idea is helping kids make something they can all take home and enjoy. Perhaps they can decorate wooden toys or paint a canvas so they can all take something with them to remember the day by.

  1. A Pool

Pool parties are still very popular because most kids absolutely love being in the water. Make a pool party an extra-fun experience by making sure the pool is filled with inflatables and toys, allowing kids to splash, slide and play.

Obviously, you should look into renting a pool that only the kids at the party can use, and make sure to provide food afterwards – children work up a hunger in the water!

  1. An Ice Cream Van

What kid doesn’t love ice cream? An ice cream van is a detail that takes a party up to the next level.

Hiring an ice cream can really add to an overall carnivalesque atmosphere, to ensure kids have the most fun and the party is truly unforgettable. 

  1. Go Karts

Taking kids go-karting is a sure-fire way to guarantee an unforgettable day. Perhaps it’s because it seems like something that grown-ups only get to do, but children absolutely love rollicking around in a vehicle.

Undeniably, racing around a go kart track is great fun for someone of any age.

  1. Visit Somewhere Exciting

Make your kid’s birthday party a real treat by incorporating a visit to somewhere kids don’t get to go every day. Think about asking your local aquarium if you can host a party there, or hosting the party to a zoo or a local theme park.

Kids love these spaces because they’re opportunity to see and do things they don’t normally get to from the day to day. It’ll make an unforgettable party experience.

  1. Have Fun with Powder Paint

Color runs have become hugely popular over the last few years, and adults find them fun for the same reason kids do – they get covered in brightly colored paint and get to throw it around.

Make bags of dried paint and distribute it among your little guests, and let them have a little color run of their own.

Just make sure you tell the parents of your invitees it’s going to be messy – so you don’t ruin any new shoes!

  1. A Ball Pool

This one is a fun idea for a kid’s party that’ll never fall out of favor. Children, right now and since forever, love a ball pool. Hire a ball pool so kids can enjoy playing and be a silly with an activity that they only will appreciate less as they get older – capitalize on their joy now! 

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