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Baby Center (Website of the week)

Hi All,

From today I am going to share a website with you each Wednesday. I love to surf the web and I am working as a researcher, so everyday I come across many websites which are very useful. But in busy life I just forget about many of them and when I need any particular website then I just don’t remember it’s name.

Every time when I find any useful site, I think I will note it down but again it never happen 🙂 so now I am sharing all the useful websites here so I will find them easily when I need them and my all readers will also know about some useful sites.

This is a parenting / lifestyle blog so the first site I  am sharing is Baby Center.

Baby Center is a great site for all would be moms or the ladies who are thinking about getting pregnant. I personally used this site before conception and still using it, still I am getting weekly newsletters about my 7 year old’s growth. See below image for some recent newsletters 🙂

BabyCenter is a website provides information on conception, pregnancy, birth, and early childhood development for parents and expecting parents through website, apps, emails. You will find all required tools and resources here like Ovulation Calculator,  Due Date Calculator  for would be moms. Child Growth Chart, Symptom Checker, Vaccine Scheduler  and other many useful tools for new moms.

This site really helps and solves all questions about getting pregnant, taking care during pregnancy, taking care of newborn and much more. If you subscribe to their newsletter you get all the information about what to expect in each week of pregnancy and your baby growth in slideshows and videos which are very informative and exciting.

Also, you can use forums and get in touch with the other ladies who are similar to you and in similar week of pregnancy or due date and share the experiences with each other. Its a good experience and I will like to recommend babycenter site to all would be moms.

For Indian moms there is an Indian version of site and also a hindi version too. Here you can meet more Indian moms and make a group on forum, ask your questions and know more about the pregnancy and baby care.

Hope this information is helpful, please share your reviews.

Next site of the week will be posted on next Wednesday so stay tuned and do subscribe my blog to get new posts in your inbox.

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