We are together after a long but memorable wait!!!!

I was waiting for someone from so long; I want to feel that precious movement and want to be with him… yes since so many days, oh not days, actually months… I am eagerly waiting for him and at last I met him, yes we were together after a long 9 month wait. I met him on one fine day and it was the most memorable and precious day of my life. I will never forget that day on which I was born again and now we are together for the whole life. 
Oh you must thinking about whom I am talking, Guess who? No? He is my life, my world, my little angel; yes!!! he is my small prince, my little Son. Now he will turn 5 but still I remember his first day and will never
forget that precious day of my life.  
I was eager to see him, meet him and touch his little hands since the day I know I am pregnant. That was the feeling which was only mine no one can imagine it, no one can feel it. Only me and my little one, I was eagerly waiting for my little one growing inside me and the nine month waiting was really unbearable.
In those days I feel why nine months? God is not doing justice, I want him early 🙂  I know that was not possible, but after waiting so long we are together now forever. That day changed my whole life, I was born again as a mother, it is my new identity and I am so happy with this new identity. 

 After my son’s birth my whole life changed, I got a newmotive in my life. Now he rules my life, his one smile makes me happy and his one sneeze makes me worried. Before his birth I have a routine life but now everyday comes with something new.

I still remember his first smile, his first word, his first tooth, first step and so on. I never forget the day when he first time called me Mummy, and it was co-incident that he called me Mummy on Mother’s Day and he given me world’s best gift by call me mom and making me his Mother.

Now he is grown up going to school, like to do his things by himself, want to eat his food by his own hands, want to be independent and I feel happy that my baby is growing but a mother in me sometimes feel sad that after some years he will be fully independent and don’t need me to feed, bath and for other needs. Sometimes I feel why he is growing so fast, why he is getting independent but I can’t stop it.

I wish I have a robot like Doraemon, If I have then I use his time machine to go in past when my son was 6 months and stop the clock and world forever to live in those precious moments…….. Do you know where I will get a Robot like Doraemon? 

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