Wake up a new life is waiting for you…

Sometimes we need to change our path and take a new path in life; it may be because of circumstances, family, job. There are number of reasons but this situation comes in everyone’s life at least one time. The new path takes
some peoples on the destination but for some it goes wrong and all life gets disturbed. But it don’t mean that you should never thing about a change. 
Of course I have also changed my path and started a new life, but thank god I was not wrong and it was a good change in my life. Want to know the story? Here it is….
After marriage I shifted to Mumbai, the big, crowded city. I am from a small and peaceful town so while going to this city I was happy, confuse and somewhat scared of the local trains and the constantly running crowd. I never traveled by local trains before and in Mumbai the local train is the only good and cheap source of travel.
That time my dear hubby helped me a lot and very patiently teach me how to travel by local, how to listen announcement carefully and pick up the right train. Slowly within few days I was ready to travel and explore the
city :). Now my challenge was to search a suitable job, and I started hunting the job. 
After searching for few days I got a job in CST, I was travelling daily from Thane to CST. My day became very hectic. Waking up early to make lunch box and getting ready for work. Again after coming back the household work, dinner preparation etc. I was getting only one holiday on Sunday and it all end in weekly cloths washing, house cleaning and next week’s preparations.  
I worked in this tight schedule for 2 years and really got tired of this busy life, I was thinking; is it the life I wanted? and the answer was… No I never wanted this type of life. 
So I started to think and left my job, yes it was a big risk but I thought to take a break for 2 months. After
taking break I bought a PC and tried to search work from home jobs, signed in some freelance sites and after searching so hard I got my first online job of customer service, replying to customer queries through chat for a Delhi based company. The payment was not very good but it was ok than nothing and without traveling. But that job given me hopes that I can earn from home so I continued my search for better job.
Now since last 7+ years I am working online and very much satisfied with my decision. Sometimes I think that if I never take the break and continued that 10-6 job then I was still running and wasting my half of the precious day in local train travel.  
So one must change the path and try new ways, who knows you will reach your destination and fulfill your dreams too 🙂  Best luck for starting a new life……….

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