Unyakeenable ULIP by Edelweiss Tokio

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Edelweiss Tokio just launched a very interesting and beneficial ULIP plan. It’s totally #unyakeenable as per its hashtag. I attended the live product launch of the product and was impressed with the benefits they are providing in this plan. What I liked most about this plan is – No Upfront Charges, 100% allocation of premium, and No Policy Admin Charges. What more we can expect from a ULIP?


Here are more details about the company and the plan.

Edelweiss Tokio life is India’s leading, and diversified financial service organization since 2011. It has marked its status with the building trust, quality, and assurance. Aiming for betterment in the financial sector, the company is marked with qualified advisors. Edelweiss Tokio just introduced its new product with no upfront charges. That brings in good news for your investments. Your policy will have 100% allocation of the premium cost with no policy admin charges.

The scheme brings in quality and cost-consciousness with the flexibility of the premium allocation and switches. The premium boosters from the 6th year of the policy add at the end of the policy year. So according to the policy tenure, below is the percentage of premium varies.

Key Features

  1. 100% Premium Allocation

So while investing you don’t have to worry about the money being deducted. 100% of your premium is invested without any offset expenses. No premium allocation and policy administration charges are levied throughout the policy term.

  1. Additional Allocation

Every year there is an additional allocation which will be added to the premium fund that is paid by you. So depending on the tenure you invest in, the additional allocation of premium will be given in percentage.

  1. Rising Star Benefit

Go for the rising star benefit that will take care of your child’s future. This policy includes payment of lump sum amount immediately. Whatever the amount be, all your future model premium (if any), shall be credited to equal value. Additional value and premium boosters will be added to a premium paying policy.

  1. Investment Strategies

The investments are well planned as per the life stage and duration-based strategy. If you wish to make it your own way, Edelweiss Tokio gives you an option of self-managed strategy that can completely be as per your satisfaction. The investment strategy is the most crucial step in investment and thus, it is made easy for you.

  1. Flexibility

With all these, the product have additional flexibility regarding the change in premium paying term as well as switches between funds. With the investment strategy, they have unlimited opt-in and opt-out option. Along with this, there is an infinite premium redirection. During the time of any need, the company make sure you get what you deserve and thus there is a partial withdrawal option available to you. With the top-up premium, this product ensures to become beneficial and easy for you.

I liked the plan, if you want to know more you can visit the ULIP plan page.


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