Top 10 Day Care Schools in Indirapuram

Working moms need to stay a large amount of time outside for work. As a result, they need to take the support of a day care school for their little one. For parents to find the best day care center for their lovely kids is such a stressful decision. As a parent, you won’t be like only for just a babysitting option for your child.

Parents typically look for a Day Care to get the best service of nurturing and caring for their kids’ development. That’s because the coming years are so vital for the brain development of their child.

You need such a place that will assist your kid with improving social skills, set relationships with educators and other children, work out how to manage feelings as well as be trained a lot. This is some common reasons to find the best quality day care center.

One of my friend who lives in Indirapuram is in the same dilemma and searching a good day care for her kid. She researched on almost all the famous day care school at Indirapuram to ensure her baby’s wellness. Here she is sharing her review with the readers. Hope the review will help you too.

In Indirapuram there are lots of licensed and top quality day care schools. They are offering exactly the same what parents actually looks for. I’ve reviewed and checked the 10 best day care centers, the names are as follows –

  1. Footprints Play School
  2. Sai Sharan – Baby Day Care
  3. Rainbow – the play Group
  4. Serra international pre-school
  5. Cutiepies Day Care
  6. Pearl Kids day care
  7. Hand in hand
  8. Little Wonder Day Care
  9. Tender hearts
  10. Medha

After checking all of these I selected Footprints Play School and Day Care. When I checked parent reviews, kids videos on their website I get very impressed.  Silicon India Magazine rated them as Best preschool in Gurgaon and many facilities available for kids as well as parents. Some of them I listed below, have a look –

Following are the reasons I  selected Footprints for my Kid:

  • Continuous Live CCTV coverage

Entire School is covered by high-quality CCTV cameras and the Access to Live CCTV feed is provided to parents through a Footprints mobile app. It will provide a live picture of kid, means you can see your kid while working in office. It will make me  tension free about my child and I can concentrate on my work. No other day care center provide such good facility about security and trustworthiness.

  • Get update about every activity of child

Footprints provide a update of kids’ every activity. You will be known how much your kid ate, what he/she ate, slept or not, and such every daily activity. No other day care gives this type of facility in Indirapuram.

  • Ratio of teacher and child

The ratio of teacher and child is  1:5 for Toddlers, play group 1:6, Pre Nursery 1:8, Nursery 1:10, KG 1:10 this is an Internationally recommended ratio.

  • HighScope curriculum for child brain development

Unlike most of the players in India who have developed an in-house curriculum.  Footprint is using Highscope.  Highscope is a nonprofit company based out of US which has been developing curriculum for more than 50 Years and has been doing extensive research. They have data of over 50 years now, which tells kids who through this curriculum tend to do better in life. Their curriculum is being used in more than 20 Countries worldwide and 50,000+ schools. The curriculum has activities even for 3-month-old kids as well and suited for Daycare environment as well.

  • Day out learning system

Normally what happens is that child attends Pre-School till 12 PM and after that he is shifted to “daycare room” where it is all about sleeping and eating. After it they have various activities for the entire day. The Daycare is more like Full Day Pre-School where bodily needs are also taken care of but it is learning based all the time.

Hope this review will help you while choosing a good day care for your kid.

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