Top 10 Hindi kids friendly movies to watch this summer

Top 10 Hindi kids friendly movies

It’s true that our Hindi cinema doesn’t produce many kid’s films but the ones’ that they make are no less than a gem. Watching kids friendly movies with family is a great quality time. 

Here is a list of Top 10 Hindi films your child must watch this summer.

  • Taare zameen par:

The film shows what influence of a good teacher can have in a child’s life. The film is about how an art teacher helps to discover a dyslexic child’s hidden talents.

  • Stanley Ka Dabba:   

The film directed and produced by Amole Gupte. It revolves around sharing tiffin between the children and teacher and why one child doesn’t bring his Tiffin to school.

  • Mr. India:

It’s an old classic hindi movie with the famous hero Anil Kapoor and Amrish Puri as the villain. The child cast and the story line makes it a wonderful movie to be watched by children.

  • Blue Umbrella:

Blue Umbrella captures innocence of a child when she falls in love with a beautiful Blue umbrella. The Blue umbrella is the center of attraction in the film and shows how the characters try to take the umbrella from the little girl.

  • Do Dooni Chaar:

 It’s a heart-warming movie about the family of a modest school teacher. This comedy movie shows how Duggal family handles a sudden opportunity knocking at their door. This golden chance may make their dreams come true of living lavishly.

  • Hawa Hawaii:

An inspirational film about a young boy working in a tea stall who has a dream to become a skating champion. He gets the chance to fulfill his dreams when Aniket, a skating coach makes decision of training him.

  • Makdee:

 This is a story about twin sisters Chunni and Munni. The sisters get trapped by a witch in the village and the film revolves around the funny and adventurous way the sisters try to escape from the witch.

  • Jajantaram Mamantaram:

 This is a great film, which is based on the storyline of Gulliver’s travels. Here, Javed Jaffery, a sailor gets stranded in an island inhabitated by mysterious people. It is a great film from which the kids can learn about undying love and friendship.

  • Gippi:

 This is an entertaining film which shows the life of Gippi. Gippi is a  teenage girl who along with her mother and brother lives in Shimla. The film is about Gippi dealing with the challenges of adolescence. From this, the kids can get inspired to love themselves the way they are.


  • My friend Ganesha:

This film is a great way to instill faith in the almighty among kids. It is a story of a boy who is often left alone by his busy parents and how none other than Lord Ganesha becomes his best friend.

Apart from these if you know any good Hindi movies for kids then please share with us in comments.

So grab some pop corns, start DVD and enjoy these movies with your kids. It will be great fun time as well as family time in summer vacation. 

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