Tips to keep baby skin soft this winter

Tips to keep baby skin soft this winter

Baby, Shona, Angle, Sweetie Pie, Ladoo and many more cute names we give to our little sweet heart. When I first seen my kiddo and touch him, I literally cried. A small bundle with little eyes, little hands, little feet, very smooth and delicate skin. I always insisted everyone to wash and dry hands properly before holding my little one so his soft skin will get no harm.

Just like me every mom takes care of her little one and don’t want her baby to suffer. But without proper care we cannot keep baby skin soft and rash free. Mostly in winter months, in winter months we need to take more care of baby’s delicate skin otherwise it gets dry and the rashes makes the baby uncomfortable.

Baby skin is very sensitive, delicate and immature. Babies don’t have more developed immunity to fight with cold, hot weather, dry air etc. So their skin need special care than adult skin. If you have taken proper care your baby’s skin will remain soft.

Here are some tips which will help you to take care of your babies skin and keep it soft and smooth in winter too 🙂

1.Massage after Bathing:

Giving 5 minutes massage after bath keeps baby’s skin hydrated; specially in winter giving at least 3-5 minutes massage with warm coconut / almond oil is very helpful in keeping baby’s skin soft. There are many other benefits of massaging your baby.

Massage is very important for baby as well as toddlers. It helps to make skin soft and moisturized. Massage helps to strengthen baby muscles, relax them. Also massage help to make a bond between mom and kid. Massage also helps to relieve gas and reduce colic.

2.Quick Bath:

Always give a quick bath to baby, don’t let him/her play for long time in water it makes kids skin dry. Playing for more time in water is also not good as baby’s tend to catch cold very easily, their immune system is still to develop, so better to avoid more contact with water.

Also the temperature of bathing water must be warm, not too hot which makes baby skin dry.

3.Proper clothing:

Choosing proper cloths for your bundle of joy is very important. Selecting wrong cloths can lead to harsh skin and rashes. So while selecting cloths take care to select soft and stretchy cloths, don’t take cloths too loose or too tight, too tight or too loose cloths can make baby uncomfortable.

Always wash baby cloths before using so any chemical or dust will get washed. I always prefer soft hosiery cloths for my Son.

If you are taking pure cotton cloths then wash them 3-4 time or until smooth in hot/warm water as sometimes the cotton cloths feel hard after first 2 wash.

Don’t think for style and fashion while selecting cloths for your baby, your baby’s comfort is more important than any thing 🙂 I have seen some babies wearing tight jeans in hot weather, which is very uncomfortable for baby, mostly while travelling baby must have comfortable soft cloths.

Smiling baby looks very cute in simple cloths than crying baby in very fashionable cloths 🙂

4.Frequent Diaper change and free time:

Baby diapers should change frequently; a wet diaper for long time tends to give very painful diaper rash. Also use super absorbent disposable diapers so it will make sure to keep diaper area dry for long time. Use the age appropriate diapers.

I used Pampers Newborn Diapers for my little one for first 2 months. They are very soft and very good for baby’s soft skin. “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.”

Before changing diaper clean diaper area with warm soapy water (only water is sufficient for urine only diapers) and cotton or soft cloth, apply some moisturizer and then apply the diaper.

Also it’s not good to use diaper full day and full night, give some diaper free time for your baby, per day there must be 3-6 hrs. diaper free time for baby.

5.Cut Baby’s nails regularly:

Babies nails grow quite early and they are sharp too, so cut baby’s nails regularly, otherwise babies scratch with nails on face and skin which gives rashes and red spots on baby’s tender skin. Better to decide a day and cut the nails on same day of every week. Babies nails must be clean and short to avoid unnecessary skin injuries.

6.Select good products:

Always select good products for your baby, also test every product by using in small quantity and then use it on baby’s skin. Every baby is different and some babies are allergic to some products so its better to check before applying. You can test the product by applying in small quantity on baby legs, and if you don’t found any reaction then use it.

I am telling this from my own experience as when we started massaging my 5 days old with Almond oil first time, he get some red blisters after 1 hour of massage, so I taken him to Dr. she told me to stop Almond oil and use coconut oil. After 2 days when blisters recovered we started massaging him with coconut oil and it suited him well J So always better to check before trying.

Hope all these tips will help you to keep your baby’s skin well hydrated, soft and smooth, do share if you have any other tips 🙂

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