Engaging Summer Activity for kids

Summer activity for kids – With Step by Step Pictures

Exams are over and kids are enjoying their summer holidays. But keeping kids indoors in this hot summer weather is quite a task because they need to be engaged in some new activity every day. 

Today I am going to share an interesting step by step activity to keep your little ones busy at home during hot summer days. So let’s start with the activity.

Origami: Origami is not only a simple paper folding activity but it also helps your little one with developing eye hand co-ordination, visual motor skills, logical thinking, attention and concentration skills, problem-solving and more. Also, it builds self-confidence and creativity in kids as they make something by their own.

Origami is my kid’s favorite activity because he loves to make something by his own hands and play with it. Both me and my son enjoy making paper boats, paper planes and play with it but as he is growing up, he is looking for newer things to make than those simple toys.

Since I was out of ideas so I decided to take help of my ink advantage printer and printed some origami instructions. With the help of printed instruction, we made Paper Jumping Frog.

So grab the essentials and start making a Jumping frog step by step 🙂

Things you will need –

Rectangle Origami sheet (You will get 50 Rectangle craft papers by Navneet in any stationary store for 50 Rs.)

Sketch pen / crayons for coloring.

Steps to make a Paper Jumping frog –

Print the instructions using your printer, it’s easy to make the paper toy / origami with printed instructions because it is easy to use and handy than softcopy.

Take a rectangle piece of paper. 

Fold the paper in half and open.


Now fold both the top corners to the opposite edge of the paper. Your creases should make a line so that we can use it to fold.


Where the diagonal creases meet in the middle, fold the paper backwards, crease well and open. You can see the lines clearly.


Hold the paper at the sides, bring these points down to the centre line, and then flatten. The creases will help you to fold it easily. It will look like a Triangle.


Fold the uppermost triangles both sides up to the top point. It will look like a diamond shape.

Fold both sides into the centre line as shown in the image.

Fold bottom upwards as shown in the picture, so the end sits in the centre of the top diamond shape.

Now fold the same part downwards, in half.


Turnover and your frog is ready to Jump!!!


Finish the frog with eyes and painting it, your kid will enjoy painting his handmade frog :-), now press on the point shown on frogs back and play with it.


Let your kid to colour the frog as per his/her choice. Kids will enjoy colouring their own creation and they will like to play with their own handmade toy. 


For more activities visit the site often. More activities coming soon…

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