Story of Diaper Search

Story of Diaper Search for my New Born Baby 🙂

I am sure you must laugh after reading the title of post, but yes it’s real. You can only understand it if you are going to be a first time Mom :). As a teenager I never thought that I will spend hours in talking and researching about diapers but before 5 years when I get pregnant I started to search and think about all necessary things that I will need for my little baby and the thing which take more time for research was the Diaper.

When my 7th month completed I started to pack my hospital bag. I packed all the necessary things for me but was unable to decide about diaper for my little one. As every mom wants I also wanted to give all the best things to my baby. My mom and mom-in-law are not going to help as they never used diapers for their kids :). So I started reading and searching about reviews of good diaper for new born baby.

I didn’t want to use any diaper for my baby as the skin of new born baby is very soft and it needs special care. At first I didn’t find specially made diapers for new born babies. Many diaper companies don’t have any special diaper for new bay’s softest skin. I went to super market to search for new born diapers but they don’t have any new born diapers.

After searching on Google for new born baby diaper, I found Pampers website and Viola; I found what I wanted a special diaper made for new born babies only 🙂 “Pampers New Baby Diapers” which are specially designed for new born babies. It is designed to fit comfortably on new born babies waist and provide cozy feeling to baby. These special diapers come with EXTRA DRY layer to keep baby dry up to 12 hours.  Also the diapers are too soft so don’t harm babies because pampers diapers are #SoftestForBabySkin, because of soft cottony diapers babies skin breathes better and kept moisturized for long time.

After reading all the good reviews, I sent my DH to buy the Pampers New Baby Diaper and packed them in my Hospital Bag. After packing the Diapers I was relieved because my search for good diapers ended and now I don’t need think much about diaper as I found the best product which was going to be a very necessary thing in my hand bag for next few years 🙂

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