Banana Milk Dessert / Quick Healthy Banana Snack For Kids / Easy Quick Banana Dessert / Kelyache Shikran Recipe

Banana Milk Dessert / Quick Healthy Banana Snack For Kids / Easy Quick Banana Dessert / Kelyache Shikran / Maharashtrian Dessert
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Every time when kids ask for snack or something yummy, it’s a big question for mom that everyday what to make something new and yummy for kids. Also kids expect something different than sabji / roti in snacks. Making a yummy as well as healthy snack for kids is a big challenge for every mom 🙂

Today I am going to share a very healthy Banana Milk Dessert recipe. It is very healthy, yummy and quick too so with kids mom’s will also be happy to make it and serve. This dessert is not only good for kids but for mom’s also. After all Moms also need more energy to complete never ending demands of family and kids 🙂

This Banana Milk Dessert is a very healthy as it contains banana which is a healthy source of carbohydrates, potassium and magnesium. It helps the body to produce energy, promoting bone health rich in the soluble fibre, pectin – which aids healthy digestion and relieves constipation. And as everyone knows milk is very good for kids it has rich calcium content, which helps in maintaining bone density, phosphorus helps generate energy in the body’s cells and strengthen bones. Potassium in milk is essential for muscle activity. Vitamin A in milk regulates cell growth, boosts the immune system and maintains healthy skin.

So instead of long description we will start with the recipe.

To make Bana dessert you need:

2 Banana’s not very ripen

1 ½ cup milk, cold or at room temperature, don’t use hot milk

1 tea-spoon sugar (its optional, you can add as per taste, my kid likes more sweet)

For Garnish: (garnishing is optional, kids love colorful snacks so you can be creative here and garnish as per your choice)

Some crushed nuts (as per your kids choice)

Few Choco chips

Multicolored Tutti-Frutti (you can also use cherry)

Method – Banana Milk Dessert

Cut the banana in round shape. Take it in a deep bowl.

Add Milk over banana.

Add sugar

Using a fork mash and mix milk and banana, mash it slowly, we want small size banana chunks so kids can easily eat it with spoon. 

banana snack

Keep it aside for 3-4 mins so it will get combined well, until then crush the dry fruits and make garnishing material ready. 

banana snack

Take your kids favorite serving bowl, add the banana milk mixture to it, garnish with nuts, choco chips, tutti-frutti / cherry and serve to kids 🙂

banana snack

This dessert gets ready within 10 mins, instead of simple milk you can also add half milk and half condensed milk. If you are adding condensed milk don’t add sugar as it already contains sugar. 

Hope you like the recipe, make it and share your reviews 🙂

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