Preschool for 2 year old, Yes or No ?

Preschool is good for kids or not? this question comes to every moms mind when her kid turns 12 month old.

Before few years when my DS turned 20 months, I was very confused and having lot of questions in my mind about his school. The questions were when to start preschool? teachers will take proper care of my little one or not? will he manage to sit in school alone without me? and many more.



Finally I have taken decision and enrolled my 23 months old son in preschool (playgroup) in nearby school. Before enrolling him I have checked all the nearby playschools, discussed with some mothers and finalized a good school. I preferred nearby school so that I can personally drop and pick-up my son.

I still remember his first day of school, my DS got ready quickly and happily, he thought we are going outside  for shopping but when we reached school and he seen other same age kids crying, he also became upset and so me.

The teacher taken him from me and he started to cry and scream and was trying hard to rescue from teachers hands. I was standing and watching him cry, myself I was full of tears and wanted to grab my son from the teacher and go back home.

But I set aside my emotions and left away from there, because the door was shut and my lil’ one was crying behind the door. It was first day so school was only for an hour. I waited outside with other mothers who were also in same boat 🙂

That day when I taken my son home, the mother in me was thinking and deciding not to send him again to the school. But when I stopped thinking emotionally and started thinking practically I realized my mistake and my son attended the school next day 🙂

He cried almost for a week, and everyday I was deciding not to send him next day 🙂 but from next week he started enjoying the school activities and after a month he wanted to go to school on Saturdays too 🙂

Now he is in Nursery school, very active and loves to go to school and like to study. He knows all big and small alphabets, no.s from 1 to 50, colours, shapes, recites all the rhymes, counts, do simple maths and also know the spellings of Apple, ball, boy etc.

I know its a big story but I have shared it in detail because I know there are many mothers who are in same boat like me. I hope this story will help them to take a right decision for their kids.

Before enrolling my son I searched net and found many articles saying no to preschool and telling its not good to send such small kids in school. At one point after reading these reviews I decided to keep my son at home from school, but now I am proud of my decision that I continued his preschool.

I have seen many positive changes in my son within 2 months he joined his preschool. He became active, taking interest in rhymes, it improved his talking, he started to draw lines.

Also the first year of playgroup helped my son to get ready for Nursery school. This year he happily went to school on first day, no fuss or crying. When he returned from his nursery school he was happy that his teachers started teaching alphabets which he already know.

From my own experience preschool is very good for the kids, only you need to make some efforts and search good school for your kid.

For all the mothers having question in their mind about preschool I will say enroll your kiddos without thinking and you will never regret on your decision.

From my side its BIG YES to preschool, it will help to build a great future of your kid.

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