Philips Hand Blender Review

Philips hand blender review with pictures.

We need multiple appliances while working in kitchen one of them is hand blender which helps us to make soups, chutneys, baby food and blending. Now a days market is full of many known and unknown brands so we get confused about taking decision of which product to go for. I was also in same dilemma when I thought about purchasing a hand blender.

I have gone through so many websites and checked various products hand blenders are available from 500 Rs. to 10000+ Rs. so its very confusing which one to choose. Also some blenders are basic and some blenders come with many functions like chopping, whisking etc.

I spent lot of time searching online for a good blender, sometimes Barun hand blender impressed me with its multi functional use, sometimes I thought I have a food processor then no need to spend 9000 for a blender, so go for a cheap one 🙂 at last I decided to go for a blender with chopper so I can use it for daily cooking. Philips blender attracted me because of many good reviews and its looks. So I decided on “Philips HR1363/04 600 W Hand Blender” which comes with a chopper and costs about 2350 Rs., here is my review after using it for 6 months.

Philips HR1363/04 600 W Hand Blender Details – 

  • Hand Blender :
  • Turbo Button : The blender is provided with an extra turbo button that you can manually switch on to blend tough ingredients. This adds to the power of the hand blender for a more powerful functioning. Integrated with the soft touch grip and buttons, this appliance can be used comfortably without hurting your hands.
  • Anti-splash Blades : With the anti-splash blade guard to prevent the food from splashing, you can cook conveniently without messing your kitchen.
  • 600 W Power Consumption – Designed with a powerful 600 watt motor, the hand blender only takes few seconds to blend food. The quick blending feature gives you the advantage of cooking faster so that you have more time on your hands for other tasks
  • Blending Function
  • Chopping Function : This Philips hand blender comes with a 0.5 litre chopper accessory that can be used to chop onion, herbs, hard cheese and more. While softer ingredients can be blended on low speed, the tougher ones can be done using the turbo feature. The detachable plastic bar makes cleaning this device quick and easy.
  • PP and Rubber Body :
  • Stainless Steel Blade – The device is thoughtfully designed with the double action stainless steel blade that cuts both vertically as well as horizontally for even blending.
  • 2 years warranty : The company offers 2 years warranty for this product for repairing or replacing parts,free of cost against defect in manufacturing part.

I purchased the product from Flipkart, here’s the photos of unpacking –

The box contains (photos given below)

Hand Blender

Chopper Attachment


User Manual.

Here’s the first recipe I prepare in my new blender 🙂 Rose Milkshake 


My review of this blender – 

I am using this blender since last 6 months and I found it quite useful. The chopper is most useful for me as it helps me in daily chopping. Everyday while cooking I chop onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, chilly masala in it. Also the chopper attachment is useful to make quick chutneys like coriander chutney, mint chutney, peanut chutney etc., its very handy than my big food processor so I use it daily.

The blender is useful to make cake batter, chaas / buttermilk, soup, milkshakes its the beaker come with this blender have a lid so I make milkshakes in beaker and store it in fridge for later use. 

Cleaning is also very easy, just give a quick wash under tap and its done, food processor cleaning is never so easy, so I like my blender more than my food processor 🙂

This is a nice blender and its a good tool for your kitchen so I would recommend it to anyone wants a handy tool for everyday cooking 

Pros: its very handy and useful

Cons: I feel the blender must be made of stainless steel instead of plastic so I can use it in steaming hot soups or pav bhaji etc.

Have questions? ask me in comments I will like to answer them 🙂

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