Great Styling Along With Your Monsoon Hair Care

Monsoon Hair Care tips.

Monsoon is about to come and it’s time for having some additional care for the hair, as the rain is not actually a good friend for your hair. During this season due to extreme quantity of dampness in the weather hair become dull and twisted.  To avoid this irritating problem you have to be careful. Let’s have a look how you can handle this imminent problem smartly!

Here are some of the best ways that will help to protect hair during monsoon:

  • Try to avoid excessive hair products during this period. Just apply a light hair shampoo and a mild hair conditioner. Remember never use conditioner at the root of the hair, just use on the hair stream. You should apply conditioner after every wash. Wash your hair regularly and let it dry in the air normally.
  • Have healthy diet enriched with protein. Add a lot of fruits and veggies. Make sure that you are drinking a plenty of water every day.
  • Try to keep your hair short during monsoon. You can choose boy cut or bob cut if you prefer. Short hair will definitely help you to feel better in this season. But if you wish to have long hair don’t worry; just try to keep it bond.  Make a stylish ponytail it will look better! It’s really tough to manage long hair as long hair need extreme care during monsoon.
  • You can apply normal henna treatment. It will work nice. Beside this Organic extracts like rosemary as well as sage can aid in providing that additional bounce and vitality to limp hair.
  • If you need to use hair gel, please choose a brand anti-humidity hair gel to groom stubborn hair. Apply small amount for dry hair to resolve the dryness.
  • A hot oil hair message once in a week can help a lot. You can also use a mask of honey and olive oil. This serves as a conditioner to the hair damages’ repair work.

Try to avoid under mentioned things during monsoon:

  • At this time of the year avoid making use of hair dryers to dry your hair. If you are bound to use hair dryer for any urgency please make sure that you are using it at least from 6 inches distance. Also avoid various chemical hair treatments and straightening of the hair.
  • And over all always try not to get soaked in the rain. The rainwater contains a toxin material that does a lot of damage to the hair by weakening the bond of the hair shaft making the hair dull and also limp.
  • Do not comb the wet hair.

Who doesn’t want to have the beautiful shiny hair? So is it tough to maintain above mentioned things to keep your hair attractive even during monsoon?  Hope it won’t be tough. Enjoy monsoon along with your lovely hair!

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