How to make homemade New Year Photo Calendar

Step by step tutorial to make your own Photo Calendar.

Today my Son told me this New Year he wants to wish his grandparents with a gift just like they always give gifts to him.

His idea is good but it’s very difficult to think what to give them as a gift? We started thinking about what will they like most. After thinking a lot I stop thinking and let my Son think on it, also I want to have a look at New Year’s calendar which my hubby just brought from market.  

Within few minutes looking at the calendar in my hand my Son replied can we gift a New Year calendar to Dada Dadi? A calendar? I gazed at him to show I didn’t like the idea. He instantly replied no not like one you are reading, I want to gift them a Photo Calendar made by me using my photos on it so they will like it and remember me whole year.

Wow it’s a great idea, his grandparents will surely like it, but the main problem is making it. Yes I can order one but my Son want to make it at home. So we started thinking about how to make a homemade photo calendar, and I realize I have my New HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 Photo Printer which prints photos very good and I can easily make a customized photo calendar using it.

You will like to make your own customized photo Calendar with your kids or your family photos? So take out your HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 Printer and let get started with us….. 

Things you will need –

A Computer / Tablet / Laptop with internet connection

A good photo printer like my HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 printer

Photo Printing Paper

Photos which you want to display on your calendar

Punching machine to make holes

Round Steel Rings to bind the calendar

A log stick

Colorful ribbon or thread to hang the calendar

Steps to make your own Homemade Photo Calendar –

Copy all the photos in your laptop or tab folder so it will easy for you to select while printing.

Click on the above link –              

Select your Photo to upload from your computer, select month, weeks start on etc. and click on upload my Photo.


Select Print Option from your browser


Adjust the margins, keep more margin on upper side as we want some space to make holes so we can hang the calendar.


Print your photos using your #HP India Printer.


Repeat the above steps and Print all the photos from January to December.


Using Punching Machine punch homes in middle of calendar.


Now insert the steel rings in calendar, you can get it in any hardware store / craft store / key chain seller. You can also use your old unusable key chain rings.


Take a stick and add it through the rings. I want to use decorated Dandiya sticks here but I didn’t find them, so I used Broom Stick here J and decorated it with tape but I would suggest the long slim Dandiya sticks if you have one at home.

Take a colorful ribbon or thread and tie it to both the sides of stick, make sure to take enough thread so you can easily turn over your calendar pages.


Your own handmade photo calendar is ready, hang it on the wall or gift it someone your love 🙂


Hope you will like my calendar tutorial; let me know your views in comments.

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