How to keep kids healthy and fit this monsoon?

Keep kids healthy this monsoon with the tips given in this article.

Monsoon is an awesome season to many indeed. I too agree it is really a lovely season. It brings relief from the burning heat of summer. But when rain starts after the aching heat of summer; we face a sudden change in nature. It’s usually tough for us to handle any sudden natural change especially for kids. Kids are sensitive so at this stage we have to take a very special care of them to keep kids healthy as monsoon bring lot of mosquitoes, air bacteria and diseases along with.

Mostly at the beginning of the rainy season many kids get attacked by airborne and waterborne diseases like cold, malaria, viral fever, diarrhea, jaundice etc. Parents worried about their kids falling sick during this period. We can do nothing to completely avoid all these but a little care when you are at home or outside can help you to keep your kid safe during monsoon. Popular and famous consultant of weight management and nutrition says “Don’t worry! The easy and best way to keep your kid fit during monsoon is giving them a healthy balanced diet. Their diet should contain all necessary vitamins and minerals to boost their resistance.” They also ask to stay away from outside food mainly street foods and emphasis on giving homemade foods.

Parents have to be really careful in this time to take care of their kids. Here are few tips to keep your kids healthy in monsoon.

Balanced diet

As said above the first important thing is to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. Healthy baby is in low risk usually to be affected.

Food you should offer:

  • Foods that have natural antioxidants  like Cherries, green almonds, peaches, litchee, jamun and plums. These will enhance your kid’s immunity against diseases.
  • You should use spices at the time of cooking your kid’s meal. Spices like pepper, garlic and ginger. These will help for their digestion.
  • Offer your kid almonds, walnuts, prunes and dates.
  • Whole boiled eggs
  • Pulses and soya are also a good for kids in this season.
  • Dry cereals like oats, corn, chickpea are also good.

You should not offer / Avoid:

  • Too oily, too spicy and roadside foods.
  • Raw veggies, salads and fruits.
  • Raw sprouts.
  • Muskmelons, watermelons and mangoes
  • Cold drinks or cold water
  • Shellfishes

Drink Pure/Boiled water

As most of the monsoon diseases are waterborne so you have to make sure that the water your baby is drinking is perfectly pure. You should not offer them any beverages that are not made from pure water and avoid adding ice. And please never buy juices, buttermilk, lemon juice, etc from street shop for your kid.

Warm food

You can prevent food poisoning by serving well-cooked meals to your kids. Try to serve it warm. Your kids will feel comfort too.

Clean leafy veggies well

Vegetable has powerful antioxidant that will fight against infections and will help your kid to remain fit. Be careful about leafy vegetables as there may dirt. Wash it well while cooking.

Abundance of fruits and Healthy Food

Offer your kids a plenty of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and nuts right from pre-monsoon. It will help a lot to keep your kid fit.

Hot soups

Try to provide a bowl of hot vegetable soup everyday in this season. Your kids will love it and it will work for prevention.

Fresh baby, healthy baby

Keep your baby clean and fresh. Babies could sweat a lot. Wipe your baby with a clean small towel, and do check his neck, ears, private areas, underarms and other places for any fungal or skin infections.

Save your kid from mosquitoes

Keep your kids well protected from mosquitoes as it is really harmful. You can use mosquito nets to keep them safe. Dress them in full sleeved top and long pants to save them from mosquito and insect bites. You may also use natural mosquito repellents.

Keep the home neat and clean

Clean/fresh home healthy home. So keep your home neat and clean to keep your baby safe during this season. Check the nook and corner properly at the time of cleaning and make sure that there is no water left for days in any jar or pot. It may increase the risk of “Dengu”.

Avoid rain water

Try your best to avoid going out along with your kids at the time of raining. If so there is a great chance for your kids to catch by cold.

Try home Remedies for minor issues

Common cold problem is usual this time. So try some home remedies first to boost your kid’s immunity. Try few spices as medicine like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, besil/ tulsi leaves in drinking water. Try with warm water. Just boil the water with these spices and then strain the water and let it be bit cool/warm. Add a spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric with it. Hope it will work.

If you are able to handle these issues in expert hand rainy season could be enjoyable for you and your kids. Don’t panic. Just take care properly; your kids will remain safe and sound even in monsoon.

Enjoy the monsoon with your family!

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