How to take care of kids in summer

Summer is the favorite season for almost all the kids. The main reason for that is kids get long summer vacation during this time. At this time kids prefer staying more outdoors than indoors, leaving you worried as they play with other kids exposed to the harsh summer heat, summer-borne diseases and sometimes play injuries.

Allow your child to enjoy the summer but keep the following kids care tips in mind:

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Sun exposure and heat:

Allow your kids to play outdoors. But limit their exposure to the sun during mid-day or afternoon as it is the hottest during this time of the day. The risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration is most if kids remain outdoors at this time. Ask them to play at early morning and evening hours, when it is less hot outside. Dress them in light and loose cotton clothes to keep them fresh and cool. Also, see to it they wear sunscreen before going out to avoid sunburns.

Up the water intake in Summer:

Excessive sweating may lead to dehydration, if your kid is too active. It is imperative to make your kids drink water quite frequently in summer days. Spark their interests in remaining hydrated by giving them tasty and nutritious fruit juices. Tender coconut water, water melon, oranges and lemon helps the body of kids remain hydrated and replenishes the essential minerals lost through sweating.

Protect from bugs:

Do not allow your kids to play near stagnant water. Stagnant water is the breeding ground for many insects, especially mosquitoes. To ensure your kid’s safety from mosquitoes, make them apply mosquito repellent cream before going out. If your child suffers from allergies, educate him/her to stay away from their allergy triggers like certain plants and insects. Imbibe a habit in them to take a bathwith antiseptic soap after a while they are back from playing. This will wash away any insect and dirt sticking to their bodies and will prevent skin rashes and infections.

Handle minor injuries:

If your child likes to swim or play certain sports in the summer be ready for some cuts and bruises. Don’t restrict them because of these minor injuries. For example: if your kid enjoys swimming make him wear a swimming cap and goggles and ensure that the water is well maintained in the pool. Similarly, for roller skating and other sports make the kids wear safety gadgets like helmet and knee pads.

First aid kit:

Keep first aid kit handy at all times. The first aid kit must contain bandages, antiseptic creams, ORS, cotton balls, cream for burns and medicine for minor stomach issues.

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