Homemade cereal / Homemade Instant Mixes for Babies / Food for 6 months to 6 years kids

Homemade cereal / Homemade Instant Mixes for Babies / Food for babies – 6 months and above.

Instant Food Mixes / homemade cereal are important as the child needs to be fed 5-6 times a day. These can be easily prepared at home and stored in air tight containers for at least a month . These homemade cereal are very easy to make and very nutritious for kids and babies. You can also carry them in travelling.

These mixes could be reconstituted with boiled water, milk, dal or unspiced gravy and fed to the child whenever required. Increasing work participation of women both in urban and rural areas has made it necessary that instant foods are available at home for feeding of infants and young children. As inadequate feeding of infants is one of the main cause of child under nutrition, it is hoped that these recipes with low cost nutritious recipes for infants and young children will promote complementary feeding of infants from six months of age while continuing breastfeeding, to meet the needs of the growing baby.

What is INSTANT FOOD MIXES, How to make them.

Instant Infant Food from staple cereals and pulses. Instant food mixes made by roasting and powdering. The proportion of cereal and pulse can range from 2:1 to 3:1. Roasted groundnuts or gingerly seeds could also be added  in the proportion 4:1 or 5:1. These mixes can be kept for
more than one month in air tight containers and used whenever required. It is convenient and of much help to families where cooking is done once or twice a day only. Such instant foods help enable adequate feeding of infants.


Take about 4 Table spoons (50 gms.) of mix. Add 100 ml of boiled hot water to get a thick consistency. Add a tea spoon of oil and sugar/jaggery/ghee to increase the energy content. Feed the infant with the spoon. The instant infant foods could also be fed to the child after reconstituting with dal, water, gravy, milk etc. Mashed fruit (Banana, Chiku, Papaya, Mango, etc. could also be added to the food). 

For infants introduce egg/meat/chicken/fish around 9 months

INSTANT  INFANT FOOD MIXES RECIPES (Click on name to get recipe)

1. Wheat Mix 
2. Wheat Food Mix 
3. Wheat-Green Gram Mix–I 
4. Wheat – Soya Mix 
5. Wheat Green Gram Mix–II 
6. Broken Wheat (Dalia) Mix 
7. Malted Food Mix 
8. Puffed Rice Bengal Gram Mix–I 
9. Chidwa Mix (Rice Flakes)-I 
10. Chidwa Mix-II 
11. Rice Mix 
12. Puffed Rice Bengal Gram Mix–II 
13. Puffed Rice Food Mix 
14. Rice Soya Mix 
15. Rice Food mix 
16. Ragi Mix 
17. Malted Ragi Mix 
18. Ragi Green Gram Mix 
19. Maize Mix 
20. Maize Food Mix 
21. Jowar Mix 
22. Jowar Food Mix 
23. Bajra Food Mix 

Information Source: Food and Nutrition Board Ministry of Women and Child Development  Government of India, (P. Bolina) Joint Secretary Ministry of Women and Child Development Contributoors: Field officers of FNB namely Shri P. Sundararajulu, Smt. Veena Thakur, Smt. Anju Dhull, Smt. Mitali Palodhi, Smt. Swapna Chakraborty, Smt. Shashi Sawnani, in providing local recipes and the Headquarters team namely Dr. Jai Singh, Smt. Surindra Jain, Smt. Anita
Makhijani, Smt. Senh Lata Jain and the Ms. Shanti Singh.

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