Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse . . .

Happy birthday hai mickey ka, happy sab ka mood hai…, yes I am happy too as this is the birthday of my favorite cartoon hero “Mickey Mouse”. 

Hey Mickey Happy Birthday to you from me and my little Son 🙂

 Tomorrow is Mickey’s birthday, I am so much excited and writing this post to say Happy Birthday to my and my Son’s all time favorite cartoon character “Mickey Mouse”. Mickey is very special in our house as my Son’s day start with Mickey’s “Mouskersize”, he goes to school with his Mickey mouse school bag and his day end with his Mickey Mouse Blanket :), He is a big fan of Mickey Mouse and want everything with Mickey on it, his birthday cake too 🙂

When I was small there were not many cartoon channels so I need to wait till weekend to see the cartoons and the Mickey Mouse show, now my Son is enjoying Mickey Mouse everyday on Disney. 

Mickey Mouse entertaining us since last 87 years, kids as well as adults also like and enjoy Mickey Mouse shows and movies. He is one of the most recognizable cartoons in the world.

On the occasion of Mickey’s Birthday I gathered some information and fun facts about Mickey Mouse :), hope all the Mickey fans will like to read it 🙂

  1. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character ever to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was given his star in 1978 to celebrate his 50th anniversary.
  2. Walt Disney originally called his creation Mortimer. It was his wife, Lillian, who persuaded him to change it to Mickey. American actor, Mickey Rooney, has claimed that Mickey Mouse was in fact named after himself, following meeting Disney in the 1920s as a child.
  3. Walt Disney, from 1929 to 1946, provided the original voices for both Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Since, only two others have had the honour; Jim MacDonald (1946 to 1983) and Wayne Allwine (1983 +)
  4. Mickey Mouse was the first ever cartoon character to talk. In the 1929 episode, The Karnival Kid, Mickey’s first words were “Hot dogs!”
  5. Mickey has a huge wardrobe, packed with no less than 175 different costumes. Minnie goes one better, having been dressed in over 200 outfits throughout her career.
  6. During World War II, when the Allied forces invaded Normandy on D-Day in 1944, “Mickey Mouse” was used as a secret password between intelligence officers.
  7. The only Mickey Mouse short to receive an Academy Award was Lend a Paw, in 1941. The irony being that Mickey wasn’t even really the lead role, since the main star was Pluto. Despite that, Walt Disney had already picked up an Oscar in 1932 for the creation of Mickey Mouse. Throughout his career he managed to amass a total 22 of these prestigious trophies – more than anybody else ever has.
  8. The first song to feature in any Disney film was “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo” in the short, Mickey’s Follies.
  9. The Opry House (1929) is the first cartoon where Mickey is shown wearing his trademark white gloves.
  10. The first words Mickey ever spoke were “Hot dogs!” He delivered this dialoguein the 1929 short, The Karnival Kid.
  11. Mickey has two nephewsnamed Morty and Ferdy. They only appeared in the 1934 short, Mickey’s Steam Roller.
  12. Mickey also has a sister named Amelia Fieldmouse. Amelia is the mother to Morty and Ferdie and has only appearedin the comics.
  13. The first piece of Mickey Mouse merchandise was a tablet of paper that featured the mouse, designed for children. The first Mickey Mouse doll was designed in 1930
  14. The Band Concert (1935) was the first shortin which Mickey appeared in color.
  15. In a 1936 Japanese animated propaganda film, Mickey Mouse’s image was used to represent the West invading Japan.
  16. The Partners Statue, a sculpture of Walt and Mickey holding hands, debuted at Disneyland park on Mickey’s birthday in 1993. A second Partners Statue debuted at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort in 1995.
  17. Mickey Mouse has been a prominent feature at Disney Parks since Disneyland park opened its doors in 1955, with guests interacting with him in character meet and greets, viewing him in parades or snapping up Mickey Mouse merchandise.
  18. When Walt was contemplating a name for his first theme park (Disneyland park), he once considered calling it “Mickey Mouse Village.”
  19. Mickey Mouse made his debut appearance in the “Macy’s Santa Claus Parade” (now “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”) in 1934. Measuring 40-feet-tall, the balloon was hand painted and guided by men and women dressed in Mickey/Minnie Mouse costumes.
  20. Walt Disney wasn’t satisfied with the first few actors chosen to provide a voice for Mickey Mouse, so he did it, and continued to do so through about 1947.
  21. The first Mickey Mouse Club was formed by theater owner Harry Woodin in Ocean Park, California. On his own accord, Woodin devoted Saturday afternoons in his theater to showing only Mickey Mouse shorts and led children in a Mickey Mouse pledge. Walt later partnered with Woodin and spread the idea of Mickey Mouse Clubs to movie theaters across the nation.
  22. When penning Mickey’s movements, early animators drew inspiration from popular comedic film stars of the day – like Charlie Chaplin.
  23. Disney Legend Ub Iwerks was the sole animator for Mickey Mouse in “Plane Crazy,” and produced an estimated 700 drawings per day for the film, some during the day (as a part of a secret project for Walt) and others after hours in Walt’s garage
  24. As the famous Walt Disney quote says, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.” – and today we’re celebrating that Mouse’s 87th B’day.
  25. In 1950, Walt Disney started the The Mickey Mouse Club television show
  26. Mickey’s official birthday is Nov. 18, 1928. It is the day that Steamboat Willie premiered at Colony Theatre in New York City.
  27. Mickey Mouse’s favorite sayings are: “Gosh!” “Oh boy!” “That sure is swell!” “Aw, gee…” “See ya soon!”
  28. Mickey Mouse is the offical greeter of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
  29. The League of Nations presented Walt Disney with a special medal, in 1935, in recognition of the fact that Mickey Mouse was “a symbol of universal good will.”
  30. Mickey was originally drawn with circles for his head, body and ears. In 1939, that design was changed to the more pear shaped appearance we see now. Also, pupils were added to his eyes. The first film Mickey appeared in with his new features was The Pointer.
  31. The Encyclopedia Britannica gave Mickey Mouse his own entry in 1934.
  32. In January, 1933, Kay Kamen created the Mickey Mouse Magazine. It was a small publication containing short stories, articles, gags, games and poems. There were 9 monthly issues of the magazine distributed through movie houses and department stores around the country.
  33. According to Walt Disney, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have never been married on screen. But, in 1933, during an interview with Film Pictorial, Walt said, “In private life, Mickey is married to Minnie… What it really amounts to is that Minnie is, for screen purposes, his leading lady.” Two years later in 1935, he told Louise Morgan in the News Chronicle “There’s no marriage in the land of make-believe. Mickey and Minnie must live happily ever after.” The discussion of Mickey and Minnie’s wedding has been fueled by the 1932 film Mickey’s Nightmare in which Mickey falls asleep in the armchair instead of meeting Minnie at the local dance. Mickey dreams of being married to Minnie and is surrounded by numerous little Mickey mice. Then in 1935, a cover for for the sheet music “The Wedding Of Mister Mickey Mouse” shows a picture of a beaming Mickey, dressing in a tux, leading Minnie, dressed in a veil, from the church to the happy cheering of Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow. This music was a Novelty Fox-trot with music by Franz Vienna and words by Edward Pola with special permission by Walt Disney.
  34. The first Mickey Mouse wrist watch was produced by the Ingersoll-Waterbury company in 1933. The dial read: “Mickey Mouse Ingersoll”. It originally sold for $3.75, then was reduced to $2.75.
  35. The first Mickey Mouse book was The Mickey Mouse Book, published in 1930 by Bibo-Lang.
  36. Mickey’s 1979 disco album, Mickey Mouse Disco,went double platinum.  It was the first kids’ album to ever sell that many records.
  37. The first two Mickey Mouse films that Walt made cost the studio $2,500 each
  38. In 1932, a special Academy Award was given to Walt Disney for the creation of Mickey Mouse.
  39. The last black and white cartoon actually premEared after The Band Concert. It was Mickey’s Kangaroo, which premEared April 13, 1935.
  40. Mickey’s first appearance in a feature film was in 1940 in Fantasia, where he appeared in his most famous role as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. His image was modified for this feature film debut to include eye pupils and a more three-dimensional appearance.

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