Guest post

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
You are welcome to write the guest post on my blog V’s Little World in exchange of a guest post on your blog.
We require you to write a post of 350 to 500 words with relevant images. Original images please, if taking online images then please include source under the image. 
You can write about – Food, Recipes, Parenting, Product Reviews or any other informative post but the post must be written by you not copied from any other blog or site. 
We shall add one link of your choice and also if required give a short intro of yourselves or your blog in the beginning / end of the article. 
Send the articles to and let me know on which topic you want me to write a guest post for your blog.
Please Note: This is for fellow bloggers only not for marketing companies or                                     advertisers who want to advertise their products or websites. For PR and                       advertising please refer Advertising and PR page.

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