Gits Khaman Dhokla Instant Mix Review

Today I am posting  review of Gits Khaman Dhokla Mix. I like to make fresh food but I stock some ready to eat or instant mixes at home for a busy day or a lazy weekend. These instant mixes comes handy when unexpected guests or friends come over and we don’t want to spend more time in kitchen 🙂

Gits is a well known brand in India and many of us make gits ready mix gulab jamun on festivals. I like Gits products because they tastes good and like another ready mixes it don’t taste unnatural.  As per the Gits Company their products are MSG free, No Artificial Flavours, No Artificial Colours, No Preservatives and 100% vegetarian and after eating the products


So lets talk about the Gits Khaman Dhokla Mix, I purchased 180 gm packet which makes approx 18 small dhokla’s, I used a small pan so it yield 12 medium Dhokla’s. One 180 gm packet is sufficient for 2-3 persons.

As per the packet you can make the tasty Khaman Dhokla in 3 easy steps.

Step 1  Mix oil and Water –

  • Blend 2 tablespoon oil and 235 ml water (approx a small glass or 1 ½ katori), open the packet and pour the khaman dhokla mix slowly and mix it gently to avoid any lumps and makes a smooth batter.

Step 2 Pour and Steam –

  • Take a baking pan and grease it with oil, add the prepared khaman dhokla mixture in greased pan. Boil water in cooker and place the pan in cooker without the pressure, cook for 15 minutes. Check the dhokla using toothpick or fork, if it comes clean then Dhokla is done.

Step 3 Garnish and Serve –

  • Take the cooked Khaman Dhokla in a plate, make a seasoning using 2 teaspoon oil, ½ teaspoon cumin, ½ teaspoon mustard seeds, 5-6 curry leaves and pour it evenly on Dhokla. Garnish the dhokla with finely chopped coriander leaves and 1 small finely chopped green chilly. Chilly is optional if you like chilly then add otherwise skip it. You can also fry whole green chilly in seasoning oil and keep aside then start seasoning and pour some salt on fried chilly and enjoy the fried chilly with Khaman Dhokla.

Following are the pictures of Dhokla I made with this Gits Khaman Dhokla mix –  



Final Word and Review – The Khaman Dhokla made with this Gits packet turned out very soft, fluffy and yummy!!. I didn’t feel its instant mix, it tasted like fresh homemade Dhokla. I liked it and would like to use it again 🙂

Note – This is not any paid review or I didn’t got any sample to write this review, it’s my own opinion.

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