Are you prepared for your kids Future?

Are you prepared for your kids Future?

Before few days I met my school friend Shikha, after many years we have seen each other. We were so much excited and have so many topics to chat on while our communication we came to our career. Shikha is one of the intelligent girls in our school; she never gave up her 1st rank in class.

While talking about professional life, Shikha told me she is working as a Teacher in a reputed school. I was surprised after knowing this, teaching is a good profession but Shikha never wanted to become a teacher. Her dream was becoming a Pilot, she always telling us about it in school and we were sure that she will become Pilot only. In school days, she always talking about her dream of becoming a Pilot and fly like a bird, visit each country of the world.

When I asked her about her dream of becoming a Pilot, She answered with teary eyes “Yes I wanted to become a Pilot and still I want to, but because of my family’s financial situation I was unable to fulfill my dream, if my parents plan for my future then I never became a teacher, I would be a Pilot and enjoy my dream job” after saying this she given a big sigh and left.

I felt very sorry for Shikha and feel why I asked that question to her? But it’s a reality Shikha is not alone there are many persons who need to give up their dreams because of financial problems. If parents plan for their kid’s future from kid’s young age then they can easily able to fulfill their kid’s dreams.

After meeting Shikha I started to think seriously about planning my Sons future, I don’t want my kid to pursue a career which he never liked only because financial limitations. I want to fulfill my kids dream and so I need to plan for it. While searching saving options for kids future on the internet, I came across Axis Mutual Funds #DoYourHomework website.

#DoYourHomework is a unique initiative by Axis Mutual Fund to create awareness amongst the parents about planning for one of the most important goals in their lives “children’s education & their future”. It’s very helpful campaign for parents like me who are unaware of how to plan for their kid’s future.

On #DoYourHomework website I tried the test by clicking on “Take the test” button, entered all the necessary details and I got all the information about how much money I need when my Son will start the education and how much I need to save.

For example, if my Son wanted to become a Computer Engineer in India or UK. As per the test results, the current education cost to become a Post Graduate Computer Engineer is Rs. 4,57,000 but when my 5-year-old join the course after approx 18 years in 2029 the education coast will be approx Rs. 9,74,730 in India and approx  Rs. 55,83,779 in UK. The results opened my eyes and I am going to start saving right away for my kid. Before taking the test, I really don’t know how much I need to save for my kid’s education but now I am clear.

Thanks so much to Axis Mutual Fund and their #DoYourHomework campaign. It helped me a lot to take a step ahead in securing my child future. Have you done your homework? Not yet? Do it before it’s too late…

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