Do we really need Smartphone?

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Do we really need Smartphone? I don’t  think so, I have my regular phone and I can call from it, I can send SMS from it, its picture and video quality is good, I can check my emails on it. My phone fulfills my all the requirements so what is the need of a Smartphone?  Its only showiness, I don’t understand why people spend their precious time on chatting and all blah blah blah…

Hey I am not talking this, these are the words from one of my friend after seeing my Smartphone. She don’t like new technology and like to live in her own world, with her own thoughts, let’s give her name X. So X use her all the things till their end of life, so she is not willing to give up her old working phone and spend some money on new Smartphone.  

When she was talking all these we were in Park, taking a walk while our kids were playing around. So inspired from all her words I started thinking do we really need a Smartphone? And after thinking for sometime I got my answer, guess what??? Ok no more suspense my answer is YES. Yes we need Smartphone; actually I feel it’s a necessity of today’s #TEchnocrats world because it has many more features than simple phone.

Ok so let’s talk about the features the Smartphone gives us and how its different from the normal phone.

The Smartphone is a mini computer which operates on operating system like Android, Windows, iOS etc. It offers variety of features like video calling, advance camera, online surfing, Wi-Fi, GPS, video conferencing etc.

Also the feature I like most of my android Smartphone is I can download so many useful apps, some apps are very useful and I use them daily. My flashlight app helps me when I need some light in unexpected power cut in night, now no need to carry a torch under pillow. Water your body app remind me to drink my water which I forget many times. Talking Tom helps to engage my kid for a while when I am busy in an urgent assignment. Truecaller helps me to find the unknown caller. Flipkart, Homeshop18 and other apps help me to fulfill my shopping hobby and much more.

I know what you are reminding me 🙂 I didn’t forget about Selfie and WhatsApp, yes Instagram too, hey the list is never ending and if I listed all the features then what will remain for you to explore?  Grab your Smartphone and start exploring the other features. Don’t forget to tell me what you explore in comments 🙂 .

While thinking all this I remembered the latest Smartphone which I wanted to buy yes the new Canvas NITRO 4G from Micromax. Wow!!! what a phone with so many features, it has Rapid 4G LTE so I can share the images more quickly, 1.4 GHz OctaCore processor which will give me speedy internet, Professional level camera so I don’t need to carry my camera everywhere to take photos for my blog, powerful battery and stylish design and much more 🙂 .

I got whats app message and I stopped dreaming about my new Smartphone, I checked my phone and seen a message from my another friend about the amazing deal on Flipkart App. I thanked my friend and right away opened the Flipkart App on my phone, and guess what there was 50% off on my favorite products, without thinking much I purchased some products. X was watching all this as she was also walking with me. She have seen that I purchased products using my Smartphone while walking and get amazed but she don’t wanted to show that she is impressed with my Smartphone. Her normal phone is unable to do this so she missed the shopping 🙂 .

Kids were calling us so we finished our walk and I opened my Pedometer App to see the details of my walk like steps I walked, calories burned, distance and time etc. X was watching this and she was surprised by it and grabbed my phone, checked it and unwillingly said you are right I also need one Smartphone now, it’s more useful than my normal phone.

Note: This is a fiction,written for Micromax activity

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  1. Very intriguing title to your blog post. We certainly need a smart phone – it is sooooo useful. I won’t say I’m lost without it but it certainly makes life easier and more interesting.

  2. Very well said. Yes, we all need to have a smart phone but we need to be more smarter than the phone because we should use it and not misuse it else the phone will be more smarter and we will become a dumb user.

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