Did You Know? Estrogen Therapy Could Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Estrogen Therapy Could Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Scientists and experts have studied the management of diabetes regime and found out about the hormonal changes in women post menopause which may lead to development of type 2 diabetes. Since menopause leads to loss of estrogen hormone in the body, the role of loss of estrogen in regulating blood glucose levels in the body has been extensively studied.

Management of Diabetes: Estrogen Therapy for Reducing Type 2 Diabetes

Broadly speaking with respect to diabetes management and maintaining normal blood sugar levels, the study found that estrogen acts on the hormone producing cells in your pancreas and intestines and stimulates the secretion of insulin. Estrogen also inhibits the secretion of glucagon which elevates blood sugar levels. Additionally, estrogen also stimulates the production of a hormone called GLP-1, produced in both pancreas and the intestines.

Estrogen does play a role in helping the pancreas regulate blood glucose levels. This implies that a higher risk of diabetes post menopause is observed due to reducing levels of estrogen. Supplemental dosage of estrogen is being considered to substitute the lack of estrogen which may ultimately help reduce blood glucose rise.

Role of Estrogen in Pancreatic and Gut Health for Diabetes Management

While pancreas secretes insulin, it also secretes glucagon – a hormone which releases sugar while insulin captures sugar. Diabetes occurs due to imbalance of these two hormones controlling sugar level in the blood. The study has revealed that alpha cells of the pancreas or the cells that secrete glucagon are highly sensitive to estrogen which leads to production of lesser glucagon but more of another hormone called GLP1.

Benefits of Estrogen Therapy for Diabetes Type 2

The hormone replacement therapy has been extensively used to reduce number of health risks for post-menopausal women like the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Experts have observed that undergoing estrogen therapy after menopause has shown to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

However, as with all diabetics, it is important to consult your diabetes health expert or educator before starting the estrogen therapy and take your sugar test regularly using a compact glucometer. The readings taken from the glucometer are recorded in the diabetes management app.    

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