Bosch Classixx WAX18260IN Washing Machine – Review

Here is review about Bosch Classixx WAX18260IN Front Load Washing Machine.

After going through many online reviews I finalized and bought my new Front Load Bosch Washing Machine from Croma. The model name is Bosch Classixx WAX18260IN. I am using this Machine from last 1 month and very happy with my purchase. 

Yes its a bit costly than other brands but its worth for a penny. Very easy to operate, any little kid can operate it, so no need to worry if you are first time user of an Automatic Washing Machine like me  🙂


I never used any washing machine before buying this. I have a maid for washing clothes, but after getting fed-up with her uninformed offs, unnecessary arguments and the worst wash quality I decided to go for a washing machine. I have searched many reviews considered many products and I finalize this because I found many good reviews and ratings. Also Bosch is a well known brand. As per reviews its really good, its washing quality is amazing.
My machine wash clothes without any fuss, arguments and gives same wash quality in every wash 🙂 also it don’t take any off. It work for extra time when I have more clothes to wash without any problem so now bye bye to maid 🙂 

My life is really peaceful now, washing clothes is not a tiring job, now I enjoys washing clothes 🙂 

Click here to watch video of Bosch Washer

Here is my review of the product –

The machine is automatic you don’t need to do anything. Just add clothes, add detergent, select the appropriate program and forget it till you get End beep from your machine. At the end of cycle you will get fresh smelling clean clothes. 

The clothes come out 80% dry, thin clothes are almost dry. It is quite silent machine only makes some noise at spinning above 800 RPM but its not a big issue. The machine has a unique program called “Super 15” I like this option very much as you can wash less soiled or delicate clothes in just 15 min.s. I also use this program to clean the machine. After 4-5 wash cycles I run an empty cycle of 15 Min’s on 40 degree to wash the machine. 

You don’t need to wash collars separately the collars come out very clean. Even my husbands very soiled clothes which he use for gardening come out very clean with Prewash + Extra rinse program.

There are many programs given to suit every type of clothes. Just select appropriate program and detergent to get better wash quality. I use Surf Excel Matic Detergent with Comfort softener for washing clothes. 

In my experience Bosch’s after sales service is very good the guy came for demo was polite and answered all of our questions without any problem. Also answered some silly questions very politely :). He instructed us through first wash cycle till its end. Waited for 1 hr. to finish the wash cycle. Also provided his personal mobile no. in case of any problem. He didn’t tried to sale any extra things like stand or anything. He told us not to use stand as after some times the machine makes noise if installed on stand.

Overall my experience is very good with Bosch Washing Machine. 

Only one thing you need to consider is before calling demo persons adjust all the plumbing requirements. You need a separate connection for your washing machine. Following is the picture of new connection we adjusted for our machine.

Following are more details about the product – 

The Bosch WAX18260IN (White) Washing Machine is a 5.5 kg fully automatic washing machine. This washing machine has been designed to save water and electricity by virtue of the automatic load sensing feature. This feature ensures that only the required amount of resources are used. The spin speed of washing can be set in the range of 400 to 900 RPM, according the required washing.

Body & Design:

The Bosch WAX18260IN is a fully automatic washing machine that has a stainless steel body, which ensures longevity. There is an LED for indicating program’s progress, temperature, spin speed, 24-hour end time delay and the remaining time. It is a front loading washing machine that has a front window with transparent glass and short stroke buttons for extra rinse and spin speed reduction.

Product features:Performance –

5.5kg Washing capacity
Drum volume: 42 litres
Spin speed selection 900 to 400 rpm 
Programmes –

Special programmes:
Easy Care, Quick, Standard, Dark Load, Sportswear, Mix,Spin, Cotton, Quick, Eco, Hygiene, Prewash, Silk, Wool, Rinse 
Additional features: 
Multiple water protection
Display for programme progress, temperature, spin speed, remaining time and 24 h end time delay
Load Sensing
Foam Detection:Yes
30 cm porthole, Silver with 165° opening door Pros. Best wash quality
Easy to use
Makes less or no noise Good looks and strong built
Comes with verity of wash programsCons. A bit costly 
Makes some noise at 900 RPMI hope I cover all the options in my review but if you still have any questions then leave a comment and I am here to solve it 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Bosch Classixx WAX18260IN Washing Machine – Review

  1. We have a 1000 Lt. water tank installed on terrace and it has good pressure, didn't used the machine in low pressure, but as per some reviews it needs good water pressure.

  2. Hi Sandip,

    Sorry for late reply, just seen your comment. Re. performance the machine is working fine, no complaints and no issues.

    Bosch & Siemens both are same not much difference but I would recommend go for Bosch its best, I have Siemens Dish Washer and after using both the products I will say if Siemens is good then Bosch is Best so go for Bosch without thinking much and you will never regret 🙂

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