When to start baby’s first food?

When to start food for your little one? is really an important question for all new parents. Many medical professionals advise to introduce first foods from 4 to 6 months. But after huge research the world health organization recommends that: No solid foods should introduce before six months.

So when your baby is around six months of age and can sit up without any support then he awaits introduction to finger foods along with milk. Even if he does not have teeth yet, there are lots of soft finger foods that are secure to feed them. Infants have quite strong gums and they also use them to bite softer foods in their mouth.

Things you should take care:

  • You need to ensure that you are providing healthy, balanced nutrition to your baby
  • Make sure to cut foods into small pea-size or mash it well so that it cannot hamper baby’s throat.
  • Some meals can be cut into a stick form so that babies can hold it in their hand with a little bit standing out to chew on.
  • Use your finger or a rubber-tipped spoon – it’s kinder on baby’s gums.
  • Get your baby comfortable in sitting position – depending on baby’s age.
  • Continue feeding as long as baby show interest.
  • Giving same kind of food can be boring for your baby. So try to give something new.

Fruits and vegetables:

Soft fruits such as bananas or any quite ripe soft fruits can be given raw, but make sure to cut into proper-size that is perfect for babies without teeth. You can also mash the fruit using your fingers or a bowl and spoon. Use finger or baby spoon to feed them. Bananas can be cut in half lengthwise and cut in continuity which makes it simpler for your child to grab. Pears can be peeled and cut into small pieces. Apples, peaches and plums can be baked up until very soft then can be provided. Seasonal fruits like watermelons, avocados and so on can be given too.

Babies with no teeth are usually fond of eating potatoes especially sweet potatoes as a well-liked finger food. So you can roast the potatoes until they are soft and then cut into sticks so that babies can hold. Similarly carrots, beets, and other suitable vegetables can be offered. Don’t hesitate to period your child’s vegetables with a light seasoning; just avoid raw salt. Cumin or Italian spices have a wonderful taste and are reasonably sufficient for your baby.

Bread/Rice and Noodles

Babies without teeth normally love lightly toasted bread, a portion of bread/ rice or pasta noodles can be offered due to the reason that they are quite easy to “chew”. Children without teeth could gum bread or a bagel as it will certainly dissolve in their mouth. Just be careful to check that your baby hasn’t stored much food in his mouth. Offer new food after being sure that he has finished all of his mouth.

REMEMBER –Consult your child’s doctor before introducing any new food to your baby. 

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