Alphabet Stencils – Activity for kids

Activity for kids is a essential when we want to keep kids busy for a while.  Alphabet Stencils activity is educational as well as interesting activity for kids.
Summer holidays started and because of hot weather we can’t allow kids to play outside and kids easily get boar indoor.

Keeping kids busy is very hard as they get distracted quickly, my kiddo is a very active little guy and never sit still, to keep him busy I need to search various activities which he can enjoy and get busy for sometime.

Like Fill in the blanks and Stickers activity my son enjoy stencils activity very much. So today I am writing about the stencils activity.

My DS enjoy this activity and sit still for at least an hour, hope your kid will also enjoy this activity.

For this activity you will need:

Stencils (I used alphabet stencils, you can use any available stencils)
Drawing Book
Crayons / Sketch Pens
and your little one of course πŸ™‚

Arrange all the things and sit with your little one, open drawing book and show your kid how to draw using stencil. After drawing color it and tell your kid to try next and guide him if he needs some help.

This activity keeps kids busy as well as it help them to learn drawing, learn alphabets, coloring and also improves handwriting skills.

Here are the steps –

1. Place the stencil on drawing book, hold it properly and draw the pic using pencil. Make sure your pencil is sharp so you will get good pic.

2. Give finishing touches to your drawing.

3. Color it using your favorite colored crayons or sketch pens.

This activity is very interesting and my Son loves it, he draw all A to Z stencils and color the pics, this activity makes him busy at least for an hour.

Let kids enjoy the activity don’t expect perfection in first attempt, kids always try to do best so just let them enjoy πŸ™‚

The following pics and video give you more details about the activity.


You will find the video of this activity here 

Hope you and your kid will love it, you can buy various type of stencils like your kids favorite cartoon characters, fruits, vegetables and many more. They are also cheaper and help your kid to learn many different things.

Also do share any activity you know so I can also try it with my kid πŸ™‚

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