Activities for Growing Toddlers

Activities for Toddlers / Engaging Activities for Toddlers 

The hardest thing ever is to provide the toddler some activities to perform. It is difficult because toddlers are at a hard stage. They often want to put stuffs in their mouths. Even they do not understand the direction or having the attention span for most activities. Activities for toddlers are pretty much as basic as it gets when it comes to deliberate learning deeds.

These learning deeds are more to start a concept to the toddler, then to test his awareness on it. There are some the basic activities that a toddler will start to learn. Those are differentiating colours and shapes, recognizing letters and numbers.

Start a 7 days challenge to get you motivated to engage and play with your kids. Consider toddlers roughly between 1-3 years of age. When they start walking until they’re able to learn and apply what they have learned to other situations. Let your toddler explore whatever is given to him. Do not give any intentional plan as it never works out. Make your toddler feel interested on the activities.

By keeping in mind all these, we have composed few activities. These will help your toddler to start recognising stuffs.

Toddler sensory activities: A wonderful way to make your toddler learn is to explore a material with their own fingers, nose, and mouth. Let them feel and taste. These are wonderful ways to learn. Like, let them explore bubbles or ice cubes! Let them clean the surface with soap foam! Or let them explore flour freely. Give them simple sensory activities and they will have blast!

Arts and Crafts for toddlers: The most struggling part is to make the toddlers aware of art and craft! Be creative with toddlers. But it can be done if you are a little creative too! Find some toddler proven schemes to arts and crafts with few activities! Let them paint cartoons or make egg carton train. Make them explore with sticker art, spray paint art and many more. It is fun for your toddler to create art and get moving.

Free Play Material Exploration for Toddlers: The simplest activities for toddlers are to explore with free play material, by itself. Let them play and explore the object that they will come up with. Let them explore pom poms, ribbons, tissue papers, water, flashlights and the list goes on. You will find your toddler great busy exploring all the ideas from the given materials!

Other Activities for toddlers: There are lots of stuffs available for toddlers to do. These are few activities with an intended purpose. It is not like exploring or doing art and crafts. It is like, any activity that your toddler can definitely do well. Let them play balloon badminton, roll down hills, stuff hunting in house, stack up blocks etc. These are all fine and excellent toddler activities which will create more interest among them.

There are always something new for us to discover. Toddlers are learning all the time and any activity is a learning activity for them. These cool and creative things can actually be quite simple if you give time to your baby.

These few tips will make your toddler’s years easier and more fun. If you have more ideas  and suggestions then please share in comments 🙂

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