V’s Little World is a collection of parenting articles, step by step recipes with pictures, kids activities, useful product reviews, blogging, travel, beauty and much more.

This blog is started in 2009, the first name of my blog was V’s Spicy World, it was a food blog only and because of some responsibilities, it was neglected for last few years. 
After having a baby, I entered to the new world called parenting, in past 3-4 years of parenting I got a lot of different experiences so changed this blog to V’s Little World from V’s Spicy World.
Now this blog is not only food blog but with the recipes you will also find parenting articles, product reviews, etc., so don’t forget to visit often 🙂
I hope you will enjoy reading my blog 🙂 Please email me your suggestions and comments.
You can email me at vidya@vslittleworld.com

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  1. Thanks Neeraja, re cakes try to preheat oven on 180 Degrees for 10 mins and then cook the cake for 20 min. on 180 Degrees and last 10 mins on 200 degrees to get that brown crust on top.

  2. Thanks Vidya, i cooked but for large cakes bottom is uncooked, can u please post one cake recipe for halogen oven or u can email me.
    Thank for guiding.

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