A handful tricks to keep your home smell amazing

Who doesn’t want to return home with a nice smell? There is probably none. And almost all of us try to keep hour houses good smelling. Still, some houses smell better than the others. Why is that? Specialists say that there are some tricks which help one to keep his house full of aroma. Today we will introduce the tips for you to keep your house scented.


You see, there are two ways to do that. One is very simple but requires a considerable amount of money. That is, to use home scents, room sprays, air fresheners and scented candle sticks. But at one point of time it becomes a burden to do so because all these have a price. So what you can do is you can apply some DIY tricks with the things that may already be in your house. Things you can do to keep the good smell are:

Natural room fragrances:

Take some lemon juice, rosemary and a touch of vanilla essence, put these in a pot and simmer it on the oven. Within minutes, your house will bear a soft natural scent.

Beeswax candles:

If you are more into candles, try to use the beeswax candles as it emits a honey-ish scent.

Sea salt in a fruit rind:

Instead of peeling your fruits like lemons, cut it half and scoop out the inner part. Fill the inner side with sea salt and use some rosemary herbs or cloves in it. This will soak up all the bad smell from your house.

Lavender lemon candles:

You can also use the lemon rind to hold a candle in it. With a bit of lavender essence, this candle will give you a refreshing fragrance.

Cleaning your disposal:

Disposal can be the main source of odour in your home. If this happens, just use a dollop of lemon or lime scented dish soap down your disposal and flush it with water. If that doesn’t do the trick, use baking soda along with warm water to remove the odour.


Candle placing:

You can also get a nice smell only by placing your candles strategically. Normally, we don’t place the candles where we don’t want to burn it, but if you are using some scented candles, just leave it in your closet or near your laundry. The smell will get mixed with your laundry and around so not only you get a nice aroma the moment you open your closet, but also your clothes will carry the aroma.

House plants:

It is always better to have some plants in your house. Plants help to filter the air inside and give you a slight smell all around the house. Having herbs are the best in this regard.



If you are arranging a homecoming party, bake some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies and then after finishing, leave the oven door open. The smell will disperse around the house giving you a really nice experience.

Do you have any ideas? share your ideas in comments 🙂

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