How to Gain Weight in Underweight Kids

A kids health has many parameters to gauge its adequacies or inadequacies. Physical activity, height, behavioral issues, emotional well being and weight are main measuring means.

Weight is a prime indicator of how well or bad a kid in performing in his/her health and wellness. Though most kids in developed countries are obese but still decent number are underweight. It is easy to mix a naturally slight build of a child with underweight. However, if a child is underweight then it may be a sure sign of some emotional, dietary or health problem.

Before you start worrying about your child being underweight, consult a doctor for a complete medical opinion. After the child is medically clear of any underlying health or wellness related issue, you can concentrate on devising methods to increase his or her weight through healthy dietary and food means.

There are many ways to quickly increase your kids weight but a healthy way is most appropriate. Black calorie foods like high fat and sugar added ones can be quick weight booster without real health benefits. They are devoid of the nutrients essential for a balanced growth, health and strong bones.

Here are some great tips to increase your kids weight in a very healthy way:

  • Serve your child with nutrient rich snacks and meals. Good meals in this case are eggs, beans, full fat milk, cheese, hummus, yogurt and all kinds of nut butters.
  • Mashed potatoes, whole wheat bread, cereals and pasta are super rich carbohydrate sources. Make your child use them frequently.
  • Avocados, seeds and nuts are a healthy source of fat to help your child gain weight.
  • Guacamole with onions, tomatoes and fresh avocados make a great nourishing smoothie.
  • A quick breakfast or snack can include a smoothie. Add nut butter, seeds, some good tasting fruit and full fat yogurt to make a good tasting smoothie for your kid. It is a great way to add some extra calories and nutrients to your kids diet.
  • Add some dried fruit, chocolate chips, granola to a trail mix or full fat yogurt for a very nourishing and weight enhancing diet.
  • An excellent source of fat and protein can be bean dip and hummus.
  • Make your meal time fun by involving kids in the meal planning, food making and shopping for food stuff. This will encourage them in eating and food.
  • Make sure that the kid is not having too much of junk food so that she or he is hungry and interested in food at the meal time.
  • Opt for some high energy, calorie rich supplement drink as per recommendation of a doctor. This is more valid for choosy eaters who refuse addition of new foods to their diet.
  • Milk based formulas, fortified supplements and high calorie energy drinks are a great source of calories and increase weight exponentially especially among pre-school kids. In any case such drinks should form part of diet and not a substitute. Adding such drinks with the meals or in the intervals between the meals will only bring about the desired results.
  • Serving full cream and full fat milk will ensure that your child gets the full nourishment and gain weight
  • Set no limits for nutrient rich food for fresh vegetables, lean meat and fruit to ensure a higher calorie count and excellent nutrition on daily basis.
  • Chicken breast, strawberries, honey and rice are excellent full of nutrition food for your kid.
  • Make your child consume energy dense foods in moderation as they provide high calorie count but low nutrition value. examples of such foods are pasta, sunflower or bagel seeds. However, avocados, canola or olive oil, pure fruit juices and dried fruits are healthy energy dense foods which can be consumed without moderation.
  • High calorie dips like peanut butter can be served with celery. Similarly serve sandwiches and side dishes with cheese. Such ingredients add taste and flavor to the food along with calories. Your kid would find such add-ons much more interesting. But a word of caution here is that kids tend to go overboard in using such add-ons and resort to consuming them in more quantity that the intended health food. Make sure it doesn’t happen.
  • Encourage your child in taking snacks and spread them gently between his meals. This will ensure a more substantial intake of food and calories by your child. Prepare snacks for him to take during the school timings and give him more when he returns from the evening sports session. Preparing snacks beforehand will help you achieve the desired snack timings for your child.
  • Make it a parental policy to not allowing your child to skip meals for any reason. Meal discipline can be enforced as other home rules for the child
  • Adding some healthy sweet desserts to daily meals can be a healthy way to enhance the interest on your child in eating and gaining weight. Bananas dipped in chocolate, fruit mixed with nuts or cookies with milk can be super rich interesting food.

 The Final Word

Overstepping the line can be very easy in trying to increase the weight of your child. Avoid unhealthy foods and drinks at all cost like candy, sodas, chips, cakes etc to gain some extra calories. The calories are not worth the harmful effects they can have on teeth, muscles, brain and heart of your child. Do consult a dietitian to decide what is good for your child in diet plan.

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