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Do we really need Smartphone?

Do we really need Smartphone? I don’t  think so, I have my regular phone and I can call from it, I can send SMS from it, its picture and video quality is good, I can check my emails on it. My phone fulfills my all the requirements so what is the need of a Smartphone?  […]

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse . . .

Happy birthday hai mickey ka, happy sab ka mood hai…, yes I am happy too as this is the birthday of my favorite cartoon hero “Mickey Mouse”.  Hey Mickey Happy Birthday to you from me and my little Son  Tomorrow is Mickey’s birthday, I am so much excited and writing this post to say Happy Birthday to my […]

The Great and Unforgettable Person of my Life

The great and unforgettable person of my Life. In every person’s life there is someone who made an impact on his whole life. When I started to thinking about a great person in my life, I remembered the person who is unforgettable and great in my life. In this busy life I forget him but thanks to […]

Story of Diaper Search

Story of Diaper Search for my New Born Baby I am sure you must laugh after reading the title of post, but yes it’s real. You can only understand it if you are going to be a first time Mom :). As a teenager I never thought that I will spend hours in talking and […]

Tips to keep baby skin soft this winter

Tips to keep baby skin soft this winter Baby, Shona, Angle, Sweetie Pie, Ladoo and many more cute names we give to our little sweet heart. When I first seen my kiddo and touch him, I literally cried. A small bundle with little eyes, little hands, little feet, very smooth and delicate skin. I always […]

Nominated for Liebster Award

I feel very happy when I have seen email from Miss Jose from https://potpourriofmylife.wordpress.com/. She nominated me for LIEBSTER Award. This is very special for me as this is first time someone nominated me for any award. Thank you so much Jose for nominating me for the award. I am not a regular blogger and […]